Ponds are Amazing! - Bilingual Interpretation Board
An interpretation board created for Crickhowell Primary School's 'Space to Grow' scheme.
Last year I was asked by my local primary school to design and illustrate an interpretation board to sit beside their wildlife pond as part of their 'Space to grow' scheme. I've enjoyed myself immensely putting the board together, including writing the English version of the copy (having not used it for 20 years, my Welsh is so rusty that it's non-existent!). In fact creating this took me back to my childhood, when I used to write and draw my own nature books. I will certainly be seeking out more projects like this in the future.
The actual board measures 2m x 700cm, so space wasn't really an issue when it came to desinging the layout, although of course since it needed to be bilingual I did need to allow for more than double the space for text.
I sketched the entire board as one piece, then took each element into its own file for cleaning up.
I tried to make sure the colours of the creatures were true to life whilst remaining bright and vivid.
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