And baby makes four
A commissioned illustration for a nursery wall.
And Baby Makes Four
A commission for a nursery wall.
I was commissioned to create this picture to adorn a nursery wall. The soon-to-be father is a very keen and talented musician, and is justifiably proud of his Gibson Thunderbird bass and the mother is a voracious reader. I was briefed to include all of their most beloved things in the picture, so along with the bass and a big stack of books we have their adorable tabby cat and, of course, baby makes four.
The finished piece
The initial scanned pencil drawing, originally I intended to have less of a realistic background, but I felt it needed something more.
The cat and the baby detail, not knowing the gender of baby made it quite trcky to choose a colour scheme, I went with something warm yet fairly neutral in the end.
The Thunderbird. I'm particularly pleased with the texture on the Marshall amp.
The bbok stack. I was concious not to go too overboard with the colours here, but I felt there needed to be a fair bit of variation in them, I didn't want it to look like a stack of Encyclopaedia!
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