"How to" video introductions
A series of animations produced for title stings for
I was recently commissioned by Dennis Film to animate several short sequences to serve as title stings for a series of how to videos for Bounty is a company that provides free support packs to new parents in the UK, packs which we found very helpful when we had our two little ones, so it was a pleasure to work on something for them. I was tasked with designing a simple, line drawn, unisex baby character with a kiss curl, smiling eyes and bags of 'character and personality'. I'm really pleased with how the little bub turned out, hope you like him too!
Here's the little fella all finished and live on Bounty's youtube channel, accessible via their site:
Here's the sequence used in all the videos currently on the Bounty site in its full glory. I have animated 2 more sequences so far that should be appearing before future videos, and will hopefully be revisiting the little bub for some more sequences later in the year.
Li'l bub is having a good kick and wriggle in this sequence, I had to make sure his kiss curl didn't look too much like a flame from this angle!
Sleepy bub is sleepy. I had to take care to keep the breathing animation subtle whilst still being noticeable, luckily it was a requirement that this job be animated at 4K resolution (first time I've worked at that scale!) so I had plenty of screen space to work with.
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